What is BZC Platform

About Bitzonecoin Platform

Our goal is offering a full suite of gambling products, both separately and in collaboration with a number of partners. We strive to transmute the existing gambling paradigm into decentralized, trustful and provably fair system driven by blockchain technology and cryptography protocol

Bitzonecoin maintains provable fairness and a transparent iGaming environment by always publicly publishing the following information on a set schedule:

  • the exact method we use to generate our winning combinations,
  • the original server seed used to generate the server seed hash, and
  • the lotteries’ results.

  • This publicly available information gives anyone using the platform the tools needed to independently verify the authenticity of any game on the platform.

Why Bitzonecoin


Holders special draw

The more BZC coinsholder has in his wallet, the greater chances of winning in Holder's Monthly Lottery he gets

Contribution to the development of the product

BZC holders may provide their opinion on the platform development, new games and features via Feedback polls

Early stage discounts

Buying coins now, you will be able to get them with the lowest price and use BZCs later for buying White Label solution

Products & mechanics

Provably fair games

Usage of blockchain and cryptography protocol guarantees that players are able to verify each lottery result

Scalable and diverse platform

BZC platform is aimed to offer a full suite of gambling products, with an initial focus but not limited to lottery, powerball, scratchers, sweepstakes, slots, poker

White Label

If you need the same platform for your brand, you don't need to develop it anymore. We are ready to provide our platform for your usage under your brand for a reasonable fee

Legally compliant games

With our Sweepstakes games everybody in the world (including US participants) can play with Bitzonecoin.The platform offers free-to-play scratch cards and allows to win real prizes. We plan to add in-app purchases in the future.

The Timeline


Coin Economy


Core Distribution

BZC coins are designed to provide long term utility and value for holders and players. Maximum of 20,000,000 BZC will be issued and distributed.

  • BZC Coin Symbol
  • 20,000,000 The numbers of coins
    to be issued

Private Sale:


11% of BZC Coins

(up to 2,200,000 BZC)

50% discount

Pre Sale:

April July

9% of BZC Coins

(up to 1,800,000 BZC)

35% discount

Public Sale:


22% of BZC Coins

(up to 4,400,000 BZC)

5% Referal Bonus
Our Partners


  • Krowd Mentor
  • Eilers & Krejcik Gaming
  • Mr.Bet
  • New Alchemy
  • Bevilacqua PLLC
  • GDM Group
  • AdsBridge
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